Legend of The Mountain

Although Legend of The Mountain is actually a sequence to Raining in The Mountain, the two films feel very different from each other. Raining in The Mountain has more of a suspenseful, semi-action feel whereas Legend of The Mountain has more of a horror, supernatural element to it. Legend of The Mountain actually has a feel d9a54-legendofthemountain.pngsimilar to one of King Hu’s earlier works, A Touch of Zen. With the use of low-key lighting, shadows, smoke, and ominous music, Legend of The Mountain definitely had the A Touch of Zen feel, but just on a larger scale. This film stood out from the other King Hu films in terms of the storyline. Rather than a political story, this story was a nice ghost psychological kind of thriller that felt very mythical. This is probably because the film is actually written by King Hu’s wife and not King Hu himself.

Legend_of_the_Mountain1_king hu.jpg

The use of music and special effects, notably the drums, worked very well during sequences of suspense and horror. The music did a great job at building up the tension of the scene and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats to anticipate what was to happen next. The special effects present during the ending sequence almost felt a bit excess but after a while I came to accept it and it actually worked to build the tension and horror that the protagonist is feeling. Overall, Legend of The Mountain is definitely one of my more favorite King Hu films and even though the story wasn’t written by King Hu himself, his execution of the story into film was excellent.


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