The Valiant Ones

The Valiant Ones, I would say is so far towards the bottom of my list of King Hu films that I enjoy. The storyline seemed rather predictable from the very beginning. There wasn’t any huge twists that I encovaliant-ones.jpguntered upon watching The Valiant Ones that made the plot more interesting. The flow of the movie felt rather long. This is probably due to the uninteresting plot line and the long sections of dialogue and characters going on their ‘journey.’ The only thing about The Valiant Ones that worked in it’s favor to keep my attention were the action scenes and the use of music that foreshadowed something important to come that I felt I needed to pay attention to. During the action sequences, the cuts were quick and fast pace, the camera panned along with the characters, and the use of music and sound effects all worked really well together to keep me engaged. I found the long fight sequence at the end to be rather humorous,  and excessively long. Having such a long fight sequence with such build-up, I was expecting to encounter a very good ending this time; however, King Hu decided once again to give us another one of his abrupt endings. I found this to be very disappointing and it’s also another why I did not enjoy watching The Valiant Ones as much as other King Hu films.


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