A Touch of Zen – Part 2

Between Part 1 & Part 2 of A Touch of Zen, Part 2 contains a bit of differences that make it possible for Part 2 to be a different movie in itself. The most noticeable difference for me is Gu’s character. In Part 1 of A Touch of Zen, Gu comes off as being a little juvenile compared to Yang. Gu is a older man who still lives with his mother. He is caught in a situation in which is mother is constantly nagging about why he isn’t as successful as he should be or why he doesn’t have a wife and kids yet to continue the Gu family line.


When Yang makes an appearance, she is clearly a more dominate figure than Gu. She is seen as the one protecting Gu which makes Gu come off as seeming very weak. In Part 2 of A Touch of Zen, however, Gu’s character dynamic changes. He’s seems stronger and less juvenile than when he started. He manages to use his knowledge of military strategy to come up with a plan to defeat the soldiers from the Eastern Group.


Gu is no longer the silly, comedic, and rather timid character that we originally saw. This change in Gu’s character is rather sudden and actually takes away from his character arch because there was nothing that really stood out to me that would have prompted such a drastic change in Gu’s character. If King Hu would have waited a bit towards the end to change Gu’s character dynamic, I think the film would’ve had a stronger impact.

The end of Part 2, also leaves a few questions unanswered. What I really want to know is what happens between Gu and Yang? More importantly…what happens to Gu and Yang’s baby?


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