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Painted Skin

Painted Skin is another ghost story in King Hu’s collection of ghost stories. It has the typical low-key lighting, and the use of shadows, and the huge amounts of smoke that is typical in King Hu’s ghost stories. I can definitely see now how much King Hu loves using smoke in his films to give … More Painted Skin

Legend of The Mountain

Although Legend of The Mountain is actually a sequence to Raining in The Mountain, the two films feel very different from each other. Raining in The Mountain has more of a suspenseful, semi-action feel whereas Legend of The Mountain has more of a horror, supernatural element to it. Legend of The Mountain actually has a feel similar to one of … More Legend of The Mountain

The Valiant Ones

The Valiant Ones, I would say is so far towards the bottom of my list of King Hu films that I enjoy. The storyline seemed rather predictable from the very beginning. There wasn’t any huge twists that I encountered upon watching The Valiant Ones that made the plot more interesting. The flow of the movie felt rather … More The Valiant Ones